Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: Belfast council candidates

Elections for Northern Ireland's 11 new councils will be held on 22 May 2014.

Here is a full list of candidates running, in 10 District Electoral Areas (DEAs), for 60 seats on Belfast City Council.

DEA: Balmoral (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Paula Jane Bradshaw Alliance Party Elected
Justin Kane Cartwright SDLP Eliminated
Sarah Clarke DUP Eliminated
Gerard Collins Independent Eliminated
Jamie Doyle Alliance Party Eliminated
Jeffrey Dudgeon Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Claire Hanna SDLP Elected
Elli Kontorravdis Green Party Eliminated
Tina McKenzie NI21 Eliminated
Barbara Neeson NI21 Eliminated
Máirtín Ó Muilleoir Sinn Féin Elected
Simon Rice PUP Eliminated
Christopher David Matthew Stalford DUP Elected
David Julian Timson NI Conservatives Eliminated
Balmoral full details
DEA: Black Mountain (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Tim Attwood SDLP Elected
Janice Austin Sinn Féin Elected
Ciarán Beattie Sinn Féin Elected
Gerry Carroll People Before Profit Alliance Elected
Arder Carson Sinn Féin Elected
Steven Corr Sinn Féin Elected
Lauren Gray Alliance Party Eliminated
Emma Groves Sinn Féin Elected
Joanne Lowry Workers' Party Eliminated
Pádraic Mac Coitir Éirigi Eliminated
Caoimhín Mac Giolla Mhín Sinn Féin Eliminated
Gerard McDonald SDLP Eliminated
Chris Valente NI21 Eliminated
Black Mountain full details
DEA: Botanic (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Clare Bailey Green Party Eliminated
Declan Boyle SDLP Elected
Eileen Chan-Hu NI21 Eliminated
Graham Craig Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Billy Dickson TUV Eliminated
Deirdre Hargey Sinn Féin Elected
Paddy Lynn Workers' Party Eliminated
Ben Manton NI Conservatives Eliminated
Ben Matthews NI21 Eliminated
Pat McCarthy SDLP Eliminated
Emmet McDonough-Brown Alliance Party Elected
Paddy Meehan Socialist Party Eliminated
Duncan Morrow Alliance Party Eliminated
Ruth Patterson DUP Elected
Ewan Suttie PUP Eliminated
Botanic full details
DEA: Castle (Six seats)
Name Party Status
David Browne Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Mary Ellen Campbell Sinn Féin Elected
Patrick Convery SDLP Elected
Allison Crawford NI21 Eliminated
Tierna Cunningham Sinn Féin Eliminated
Fra Hughes Independent Eliminated
Nuala McAllister Alliance Party Elected
William McQuade PUP Eliminated
Cathal Mullaghan SDLP Eliminated
Lydia Patterson DUP Elected
Guy James Spence DUP Elected
Gemma Weir Workers' Party Eliminated
Castle full details
DEA: Collin (Six seats)
Name Party Status
David Bell Sinn Féin Elected
Wendy Burke NI21 Eliminated
Gerard Alphonsus Catney Alliance Party Eliminated
Máire Drumm Éirigi Eliminated
Matt Garrett Sinn Féin Elected
Bill Groves Sinn Féin Elected
Brian Heading SDLP Elected
Stephen Magennis Sinn Féin Elected
Gareth Thomas Martin Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Charlene O'Hara Sinn Féin Elected
Laura Whinnery SDLP Eliminated
Collin full details
DEA: Court (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Jolene Bunting TUV Elected
Tommy Doherty Republican Network for Unity Eliminated
Willie Faulkner Independent Eliminated
Sheila Mary Gallagher Alliance Party Eliminated
Stuart Hunter NI21 Eliminated
Billy Hutchinson PUP Elected
Colin Keenan SDLP Eliminated
Brian Kingston DUP Elected
John Terence Lowry Workers' Party Eliminated
Bill Manwaring Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Billy Mawhinney PUP Eliminated
Mary McConville Sinn Féin Elected
Frank McCoubrey DUP Elected
Jim McVeigh Sinn Féin Elected
Naomi Thompson DUP Eliminated
Nicola Verner DUP Eliminated
Court full details
DEA: Lisnasharragh (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Aileen Graham DUP Elected
Carole Howard Alliance Party Elected
Connal Hughes Green Party Eliminated
Colin Hussey DUP Eliminated
Dermot Kennedy Sinn Féin Eliminated
Michael Long Alliance Party Elected
Leah McDonnell NI21 Eliminated
Chris McGimpsey Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Kate Mullan SDLP Elected
Tommy Sandford DUP Elected
Helen Smyth PUP Eliminated
Pete Wray NI21 Eliminated
Lisnasharragh full details
DEA: Oldpark (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Christopher Bailie Workers' Party Eliminated
Mary Clarke Sinn Féin Elected
Julie-Anne Corr PUP Elected
Sammy Cusick Republican Network for Unity Eliminated
Dee Fennell Independent Eliminated
Wayne Gilmour TUV Eliminated
Colin Houston Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
John Loughran Sinn Féin Eliminated
JJ Magee Sinn Féin Elected
Nichola Mallon SDLP Elected
Gerry McCabe Sinn Féin Elected
Gareth Ian McKee DUP Elected
Peter McReynolds Alliance Party Eliminated
Lee Reynolds DUP Eliminated
Oldpark full details
DEA: Ormiston (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Ross Brown Green Party Elected
Stephen John Crosby UKIP Eliminated
Ian Dickson NI21 Eliminated
Tom Haire DUP Elected
John Andrew Hiddleston TUV Eliminated
John Colin Hussey DUP Elected
Peter Johnston Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Mervyn Jones Alliance Party Elected
Laura Keenan Sinn Féin Eliminated
Brian Kennedy DUP Eliminated
Michael Anthony McMillan SDLP Eliminated
Ross McMullan Alliance Party Eliminated
Laura McNamee Alliance Party Elected
Jayne Olorunda NI21 Eliminated
Ian Reid NI Conservatives Eliminated
Jim Rodgers Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Ian Shanks PUP Eliminated
Denny Vitty DUP Eliminated
Andrew Webb Alliance Party Eliminated
Ormiston full details
DEA: Titanic (Six seats)
Name Party Status
David Armitage Alliance Party Elected
Tommy Black Socialist Party Eliminated
Gregor Claus Green Party Eliminated
Sonia Copeland Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Jimmy Davidson NI21 Eliminated
Peter Devlin SDLP Eliminated
Maire Hendron Alliance Party Eliminated
John Kyle PUP Elected
Jonny Lavery UKIP Eliminated
Kevin Anthony McNally Workers' Party Eliminated
Adam Newton DUP Elected
Niall Ó Donnghaile Sinn Féin Elected
Gavin Robinson DUP Elected
Harry Toan TUV Eliminated
Sam White DUP Eliminated
Titanic full details