Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: Lisburn and Castlereagh Council candidates

Elections for Northern Ireland's 11 new councils will be held on 22 May 2014.

Here is a full list of candidates running, in seven District Electoral Areas (DEAs), for 40 seats on Lisburn and Castlereagh council.

DEA: Castlereagh East (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Robert Campbell Independent Eliminated
Mark Devenney NI21 Eliminated
Stephen Donnan Alliance Party Eliminated
David Drysdale DUP Elected
Izzy Giles PUP Eliminated
Andrew Girvin TUV Elected
Martin Gregg Green Party Eliminated
Tommy Jeffers DUP Elected
Hazel Legge Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Tim Morrow Alliance Party Elected
Sharon Skillen DUP Elected
Lynda Spratt DUP Eliminated
Sandra Wilson Independent Eliminated
Castlereagh East full details
DEA: Castlereagh South (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Nathan Anderson DUP Elected
Wallace Douglas TUV Eliminated
John Gallen SDLP Elected
Brian Hanvey SDLP Elected
Michael Henderson Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Vasundhara Kamble Alliance Party Elected
Ben Mallon DUP Elected
Elizabeth McCord NI21 Eliminated
Adam Murray NI21 Eliminated
Vikki Nelson DUP Eliminated
Geraldine Rice Alliance Party Elected
Nuala Toman Sinn Féin Eliminated
Castlereagh South full details
DEA: Downshire East (Five seats)
Name Party Status
James Baird Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Christina Dobson NI21 Eliminated
Janet Gray DUP Elected
Peter Lindsay UKIP Eliminated
Uel Mackin DUP Elected
Tom Mateer TUV Eliminated
Aaron McIntyre Alliance Party Elected
Luke Poots DUP Elected
Alex Swan Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Glenn Wilson NI21 Eliminated
Roy Young DUP Eliminated
Downshire East full details
DEA: Downshire West (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Jim Dillon Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Roger Duncan NI21 Eliminated
Allan Ewart DUP Elected
Dee French SDLP Eliminated
Owen Gawith Alliance Party Elected
Neil Johnston NI Conservatives Eliminated
Rebecca McBride UKIP Eliminated
Neil McNickle NI21 Eliminated
Jonny Miller TUV Eliminated
John Palmer DUP Elected
Colin Preen DUP Eliminated
Alexander Redpath Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Luke Robinson Green Party Eliminated
Downshire West full details
DEA: Killultagh (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Thomas Beckett DUP Elected
Robbie Butler Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Patrick Catney SDLP Elected
David Honeyford NI21 Eliminated
William Leathem DUP Elected
Jonnie McCrea Alliance Party Eliminated
Mary Kate Quinn Sinn Féin Eliminated
James Tinsley DUP Elected
Killultagh full details
DEA: Lisburn North (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Brian Bloomfield Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Matt Brennan PUP Eliminated
Scott Carson DUP Elected
Yvonne Craig DUP Eliminated
Alan Love UKIP Eliminated
Stephen Martin Alliance Party Elected
John McCall TUV Eliminated
Johnny McCarthy NI21 Elected
Colin McCord NI21 Eliminated
Jacqui McGeough Sinn Féin Eliminated
Jonny Orr Independent Eliminated
Jenny Palmer DUP Elected
Margaret Tolerton DUP Elected
Nicola Turtle SDLP Eliminated
Lisburn North full details
DEA: Lisburn South (Six seats)
Name Party Status
David Cairns NI21 Eliminated
Alan Carlisle DUP Eliminated
Andrew Doran NI21 Eliminated
Andrew Ewing DUP Elected
Alan Givan DUP Elected
Amanda Grehan Alliance Party Elected
James McMurray Green Party Eliminated
Tim Mitchell Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Andrew Moore TUV Eliminated
Paul Porter DUP Elected
Conor Quinn SDLP Eliminated
Rhoda Walker DUP Elected
Lisburn South full details