Northern Ireland

Two viable pipe bombs found in Strabane cemetery

Andy Lemon
Image caption Ch Insp Andy Lemon said the two pipe bombs were ready for use

Police investigating dissident republican activity in Strabane, County Tyrone, have said they have discovered two viable pipe bombs in a cemetery.

The discovery was made during a search in the Strabane area on Monday evening.

It came a day after a police spokesman said two suspected handguns and a number of suspected petrol bombs were found in the area.

Chief Inspector Andy Lemon said: "These finds are linked."

He added: "They were found in a hedge row in a cemetery, which is very worrying.

"They were two viable devices with the potential to kill or maim.

"There was a real risk of loss of life.

"I'm glad we have them because it means we are protecting life.

"I'm worried that people in Strabane think they can do this. I believe they are linked to dissident republican activity.

"They were either aimed at the public our ourselves.

"I'm very concerned about dissident republican activity in Strabane."

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