Northern Ireland

Four 'led to safety' during north Belfast bonfire

Four people, including an elderly man, have been led to safety by firefighters after a large bonfire began to affect the roofs of three houses in Belfast.

Four fire engines attended the fire at Hopewell Avenue, off the Cliftonville Road, on Friday night.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) dealt with a total of 160 emergency calls between 18:00 BST on Friday and 01:00 BST on Saturday.

They said 58 calls were related to bonfires.

Firefighers had to intervene in 28 of the bonfire call-outs, by either dampening down the flames or ensuring the safety of nearby people and property.

During the Hopewell Avenue bonfire, the NIFRS said: "Four main jets, two foam jets and two hose reel jets were deployed as three nearby roofs were being affected by the blaze."

Bonfires are traditionally lit in many areas on 11 July, known as the Eleventh Night, to mark the culmination of the marching season.

The NIFRS said the number of call-outs they received this year saw a "slight decrease" from the year before.