Northern Ireland

East Belfast: Police officers injured during disorder

Two police officers have been injured during a fourth night of disturbances in east Belfast.

Police said petrol bombs and missiles were thrown at officers after crowds gathered in the Castlereagh Street area on Wednesday.

The two officers were hit with masonry. One was treated in hospital for a head injury before being released.

The police added that missiles were also thrown across the interface at Thistle Court and Bryson Street.

It is the fourth night of disorder in the area. On Sunday, an officer was injured after police were attacked by about 60 youths near Castlereagh Street.

During disorder on Monday, a teenage boy suffered two skull fractures near Albertbridge Road.

On Tuesday, homes in the Short Strand were damaged and a woman in her 70s was treated for shock. Another police officer was also injured after being hit in the leg with masonry.

Ch Supt Nigel Grimshaw said: "Police are committed to protecting the people of east Belfast despite the attempts of this small minority who are intent on causing trouble but it is important to recognise the resolution to this issue is not solely a policing one.

"We need the support from the local community, local representatives and we need parents to ensure that they are aware of the whereabouts of their children.

"Do not let them become involved in this mindless disorder."

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