Northern Ireland

Ten-year-old girl finds bag of drugs in playground

Downpatrick park
Image caption The child picked up the bag of drugs while playing in a park on Colmcille Road

A 10-year-old girl has found a bag of the drug speed in a playground in Downpatrick, County Down.

She picked up the bag while playing in a park on Colmcille Road and showed it to an adult, who took it to the police.

Officers who tested the white powder confirmed that it was amphetamines.

A police officer said on Facebook: "It's probably a parent's worst nightmare for their child to find something like this, never mind where they thought was a place of safety."

They added: "Thankfully they had the sense to not open it but to give it to a grown up."

The MP for the area, Margaret Ritchie of the SDLP, said: "I shudder to think if that child had been younger or if that 10-year-old child had opened that amphetamine and thought it was maybe sherbet or some kind of sweet.

"Thankfully they didn't do it."

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