Nepal quake survivor Barry Torrens returns home

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Barry Torrens
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Barry Torrens at Belfast City Airport on Thursday night

A Northern Ireland mountaineer has returned home days after witnessing the deadly earthquake in Nepal.

Portrush man Barry Torrens was trekking with his sister and two friends when a 7.8 magnitude quake struck an area outside the capital, Kathmandu.

He was welcomed home to Belfast City Airport on Thursday night by his wife and children.

"I've got relief obviously, relief being back, but I've got an enormous amount of western guilt," he said.

"It's wonderful to be back. I promised the kids at the very darkest moment that I would be back - it was touch and go for a wee while there.

"But we fought and we got back and in a return promise they've asked me that it's going to be ping pong from now on."

His wife said his next birthday present would be a stamp collecting album.

Mr Torrens and his trekking group were crossing a river outside Kathmandu when the earthquake struck, leaving death and destruction in its wake

It was the country's deadliest earthquake for more than 80 years killing at least 5,500 people.

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Mr Torrens was embraced by his children at the airport

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