In quotes: Peter Robinson

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image captionPeter Robinson was one of the founding members of the DUP and has been in politics for more than 40 years

"I suppose the factor that makes me slightly different from a number of other people is that I came into politics because the IRA killed my friend," Mr Robinson speaking to the Belfast Telegraph about the 1971 death of his friend Harry Beggs in an IRA bomb attack.

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image captionPeter Robinson and Ian Paisley worked together as fierce opponents of the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985

"Democracy was murdered in London, so it's more than a simple burial ceremony that we're taking part in today. This happens to be a murder trial. I enlist you all, as an Ulster jury - you have heard the evidence against Margaret Thatcher and her murder of democracy - how do you find her? Guilty or not guilty?" - Mr Robinson campaigning against the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement

"I am a patient man," when asked how he had coped with waiting so long to become leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

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image captionMr Robinson beside a portrait of his predecessor as DUP leader Ian Paisley

"You will appreciate how devastated I have been about what you have learned from Iris. This has been the most difficult period of my life and I have been deeply hurt by what has happened. I feel the pain of it every day." - the opening lines of Mr Robinson's statement in January 2010, after the revelation that his wife Iris had admitted having an affair with a teenage cafe owner.

image captionPeter Robinson spoke to journalists at his family home about his wife's affair in 2010

"He expressed sympathy to me and put out his hand. I thought it would be wrong of me in those circumstances to do anything other than that (shake it)." - talking to the Sunday Times about shaking hands with Martin McGuinness for the first time, after the Sinn Féin MLA commiserated with him over his family troubles.

"Throughout history there are times of challenge and defining moments. This is such a time. This is such a moment." - his comments in March 2010, on the devolution of policing and justice powers to Northern Ireland after a vote in the Assembly.

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image captionMr Robinson has often been the focus of media attention

"I have already made a statement and the party has made a statement, I've indicated that I don't intend to take part in these kind of recriminations, so really, what part of silence do you not understand?" responding to the BBC in January 2014 over claims from Ian Paisley that the former DUP leader was told to leave his post, which Mr Robinson denied.

image captionThe DUP leader blamed fast food for contributing to his heart attack in May 2015

"I was telling the consultants my eating arrangements of the last seven days before I was admitted to hospital. They included two Chinese meals, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a McDonalds and a cowboy supper, plus the normal meals you get at business lunches and all the rest of it... the trouble is you are not at home to get regular, good, homemade food." Mr Robinson talking to the Belfast Telegraph after he was admitted to hospital with a heart attack in May 2015.

"I repeat, I neither received, expected to receive, sought, nor was I offered a single penny as a result of the Nama sale," Mr Robinson telling a Stormont committee in October 2015 that it was "outrageous" to allege he was to benefit personally from the sale by the Irish National Assets Management Agency (Nama) of its Northern Ireland property loan portfolio.

image captionPeter Robinson has defended himself over allegations about his financial affairs

"It's a rough trade and the further you get up that greasy pole, the more people there are who are wanting to bring you down... if you're a sensitive flower, this isn't the role to be taking on." Mr Robinson issues a warning to his successor that the job of first minister is not for shrinking violets.

"There's no way I'm the kind of person who's going to sit and idle around the house and get in Iris' way. I'm going to be someone who finds something to do - I suspect it probably won't be politics, but we'll see as time goes on." The outgoing DUP leader on his plans for the future.

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