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What's in a name? NI's most popular baby names revealed

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Image caption Santiagos, Rocco, Corbyn and Phoenix all appear on this year's list

Picking a name for a baby can be a fraught affair.

Just ask North and Saint, the children of Kanye and West and Kim Kardashian. Or Zowie Bowie, son of David, who changed his name to Duncan. Or Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple.

But new research shows that Northern Ireland parents tend to stick to more traditional names for their offspring.

A new report reveals that Emily and James were the two most popular baby names in Northern Ireland in 2015.

The Northern Ireland Research and Statistics Agency (NISRA) report found Ella to be the second most popular girls' name, while Jack was the second most popular boys' name.

This is the first time James has topped the poll since records began in 1997, replacing Jack in the top spot for boys' names. But it is the third consecutive year that Emily has been the most popular choice for baby girls.

Researchers believe that blockbuster movies, current celebrities and memorable places are providing inspiration for parents looking for a name for their new arrival.

Among those included on the list of children registered in Northern Ireland last year were three Santiagos, three Roccos, three Phoenixs, three Jetts, four Jaxxs and six Rios.

While Jeremy didn't make the list in 2015, there were four baby Corbyns born in Northern Ireland last year.

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Image caption Researchers believe that parents are being influenced by blockbuster movies and current celebrities