Northern Ireland

PSNI get groove on for Gardaí's 'running man' challenge

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Media captionPSNI officers stepped up to the challenge laid down by their Irish counterparts

Police officers in Northern Ireland have got in step to accept a dance-off challenge laid down to them by the Irish police force.

The Gardaí posted a video on social media of its officers moving to the beat as they did the 'running man' dance last week.

They demanded that their counterparts north of the border showed their moves, too.

Now the Police Service of Northern Ireland has accepted the challenge.


Officers from Craigavon in County Armagh posted a clip of their effort on Facebook on Tuesday.

They do not want the craze to stop there and are passing it on to other officers.

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Media captionThe gardaí challenged the PSNI to a 'running man' dance off

"We're throwing this out to all UK police who haven't yet stepped up, as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, just because they have funny boots and hats," the PSNI said.

"We'd also particularly like to see the Isle of Man do the Isle of Running Man!

"Whatever you guys do, let's see your towns, locals and communities."


The 'running man' challenge has become a viral craze after it was first issued by basketball players in the United States.

The challenge has been picked up by police forces around the world after police in New Zealand used it as part of a recruitment drive.

They released a video of officers doing the 'running man' dance and challenged forces around the world to a dance-off.

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