EU referendum: NI poll suggests growing support for leave vote

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Flags of European Union member states in front of the European Parliament building, StrasbourgImage source, Reuters
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UK voters will decide on 23 June whether they want to leave or remain in the European Union

A poll of Northern Ireland voters suggests there has been a significant move towards a Leave vote in next week's EU referendum.

The survey, carried out by market research agency Millward Brown, showed 48% of people in Northern Ireland who intend to vote will choose to remain.

Almost one third (32%) want to leave with 20% still undecided.

The last Millward Brown poll, published in May, showed 55% in favour of Remain and 23% for Leave.

The latest research was carried out over the past two weeks and the results were released on Friday.

One-thousand people were surveyed, and 688 of those said they would vote.

Millward Brown said the data suggests a Leave vote has increased across all age groups but it is among 35-49 year olds that the balance has changed the most since May.

The company said the poll also suggests Catholics continue to be substantially more likely to vote to remain within the EU, and are three times more likely to want to stay rather than leave.

Initially, opinion amongst Protestants was evenly balanced but now that group is more likely to vote to leave.