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Turkish coup: Glenariff woman says coup 'scary experience' for her family

Image caption Turkish soldiers surrender after a failed coup attempt

A Northern Ireland woman on holiday in Turkey has described Friday night's military coup attempt as "a scary experience" for her family.

Jackie Kocaturk, from Glenariff, County Antrim, is in Yalova, near Istanbul.

She is on holiday with her Turkish husband, their two sons and one of their friends.

Turkey's Prime Minister has said that 161 people have been killed and 1,440 wounded in the failed attempt to take control.

Some 2,839 soldiers have been arrested.

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Image caption Surrendered soldiers had to be protected by police officers from Erdogan supporters

Jackie Kocaturk's husband witnessed some of the clashes in the town last night but she was indoors with her sons and their friend.

She said: "It all seems to be settling down now after a night of uncertainty and panic buying in the shops.

"The curfew never took hold because Erdogan's supporters took to the streets to stop the coup.

"People here can't believe what happened and everyone is still in shock.

"I was very worried last night as I am here with my husband, two sons and one of their friends and it was a very scary experience for them.

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Image caption The Bosphorus bridge was blocked off by military units


"We were in the house last night and about 11pm on Friday night we started to get word from friends in Istanbul that the bridges there had been closed by the army.

"Whenever we heard what was happening we switched on the TV and watched the events unfold.

"Everything where we were remained quiet until about midnight when we started to hear helicopters flying overhead and planes were hovering over the resort as it is on the flight path to Ankara airport which the military had closed.

"At about midnight we heard on the news that there was to be an army imposed curfew until 06:00 on Saturday morning. Citizens were to stay in doors.

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Image caption Supporters of Turkish President Erdogan celebrate the failure of the military coup


"A friend made contact with us and said 'Go to the shop and get some food in because this is bad'.

"We didn't know how serious things were but we people panicked and rushed out to the small shop nearby to buy supplies of food and water.

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Image caption Mrs Kocaturk said her family stocked up on bread and water in case the curfew was extended

"The shop was completely overcome with people.

"My husband was in the town of Yalova where he said people had come out onto the streets to support the president and were stopping tanks and pulling soldiers out.

"There was lots of blood shed over night but now everything seems quiet where we are."