Northern Ireland

Tyrone farmer paints proposal on cow's side

Cow with proposal painted on its side Image copyright Anna Louise Martin and Ashley Farrell

A beef farmer has enlisted the help of one of his cattle to pop the question.

Ashley Farrell from Fivemiletown, County Tyrone, proposed to his girlfriend Anna Louise Martin on Christmas Eve.

He made his unconventional bid for bliss by spray-painting "Marry me" on the side of one of his calves.

Miss Martin suspected nothing as Ashley wooed her to the cow shed, as he had already told her she was getting a calf for Christmas.

Not usually the romantic type

She said: "I went outside and saw a small calf (a velvet Belted Galloway cross) but thought something was up because if he had the calf from November then it should be bigger than that.

Image copyright Anna Louise Martin and Ashley Farrell
Image caption There was of course a ring involved

"Then, before I could open my mouth, it turned around and the words 'Marry me' were painted on the side of it.

"I turned around and Ashley was on one knee with the ring in his hands and I of course said yes".

However Miss Martin, from Hillsborough in County Down, admits that she did not believe that Ashley came up with the dramatic idea himself at first.

"He is not usually the romantic type, but he thought of this one himself.

Image copyright Anna Louise Martin and Ashley Farrell
Image caption Anna Louise Martin and Ashley Farrell have received lots of calls from the media since the mooving proposal

"I should have given him more credit but he is your typical farmer so I was really surprised that it was his idea."

Like many couples, Ashley and Anna Louise were quick to post their engagement announcement on Facebook, but they did not expect such a widespread reaction.

"My friend sent the photos into Farming Life newspaper and next thing I knew I was getting calls and texts from all different newspapers and media," said Miss Martin.

"It's all a bit of craic though."