Doctors report rare case of ‘penile strangulation’

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image captionThe man presented symptoms of "pain and swelling" at Mater University Hospital in Dublin

Doctors in the Republic of Ireland faced an unusual medical dilemma after a metal ring became stuck on a man's penis, it has emerged.

The rare case of "penile strangulation" has been reported in the Irish Medical Journal (IMJ).

A fire brigade crew used an angle grinder to remove the ring.

The crew were called by doctors at the emergency department of the Mater University Hospital in Dublin.

The IMJ reported that doctors called fire services after "standard medical equipment" failed to remove the ring.

'Full functional recovery'

The medical report indicated that the case required urgent treatment to avoid "organ-threatening complications" and restore blood flow.

Metal rings can be used to improve sexual performance, the journal noted.

It said the man had put on the "titanium-based ring" seven hours beforehand and attended the emergency department after suffering from "pain and swelling".

After medical equipment failed to remove the device the man was sedated before the fire brigade used a grinder to remove the ring.

The procedure lasted about 20 minutes.

The IMJ added that the man has since had a "full functional recovery".

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