Northern Ireland

Hugh McGoldrick struck off as a GP as appeal deadline passes

Hugh McGoldrick Image copyright Justin Kernoghan
Image caption Hugh McGoldrick had said he would appeal the ruling but did not do so before the deadline

A doctor who was jailed for falsifying clinical trials for his own financial gain was finally struck off as a GP after failing to lodge an appeal.

Hugh McGoldrick spent six days in jail after admitting falsifying drug trials on patients with sleep disorders.

The former GP, from Crossgar, County Down, was then brought before a Medical Practitioners Tribunal (MTP) hearing.

Last month, it ruled his name would be erased from the medical register but he was given 28 days to appeal.

At the time, his solicitor said McGoldrick did not accept the MTP findings and had "every intention of contesting them".

But the MTP had not received any appeal when the 28-day deadline passed on Wednesday, 29 March.

On Thursday, a spokesman for the MTP said: "We have not received any confirmation of an appeal either from the court or the doctor.

"So Dr McGoldrick's name will be removed from the register today.''

The offences took place at his Pound Lane GP practice in Downpatrick between 2007 and 2008.

The former GP was originally given a nine-month jail term and a £10,000 fine in June 2016, but he appealed the sentence.

His prison term was suspended and he was released from jail six days later.

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