Former Ulster star Simon Danielli's ex-wife fined over wing mirror

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image captionBoth Olivia and Simon Danielli have been fined in separate cases over the last month

The estranged wife of a former Ulster and Scotland rugby star has been fined £500 for breaking off the wing mirror of his Jaguar car.

Newtownards Magistrate's Court was told Olivia Danielli, 29, knocked the wing mirror off with an umbrella handle and threw it onto the car bonnet.

A judge described the case as "nonsense on stilts".

Last month, Mrs Danielli's estranged husband Simon was fined £500 after being convicted of assault.

A judge said he was satisfied that Mr Danielli had struck Michael Browne - whom the ex-player suspected of having an affair with his wife - in the face.

Further charges that he assaulted his estranged wife and damaged her phone were dismissed by the judge.

On Tuesday, a prosecutor read a statement by Simon Danielli to police.

In the statement, he said he was at home on the evening of 9 August, 2015, with a female friend when his estranged wife pulled up to his drive in her Porsche, banged loudly at his front door, and demanded the number of a babysitter.

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image captionA court was told Mrs Danielli broke the wing mirror with her umbrella

Mr Danielli said his wife said he could no longer see their children, and pushed her way past him at his front door, into the house.

She left when her mobile phone rang, returned to her car, then approached his Jaguar.

She knocked at a wing mirror repeatedly with an umbrella until it came off, he told police. She then threw the wing mirror on to the bonnet, and left.

Mr Danielli filmed her knocking off the wing mirror on his mobile phone from an upstairs window of his house. The footage was viewed by the court.

The damage to the car was valued at £1,468, of which Mr Danielli had to pay £350 to the insurance company.

The prosecutor and an investigating officer read aloud an interview with Mrs Danielli in which she told police her husband had been leaving their children with "random babysitters and neighbours" while he "stayed out all night" during his days of contact with their children.

She said she went to confront him about this, and after gaining entry into his home by consent, was then "pushed out" by her husband.

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image captionThe cost of the damage to Simon Danielli's car was said to be £1,468

The court heard Mrs Danielli, of Marino Station Road in Holywood, told police she bought the Jaguar for £34,000 on a loan from her father, which her husband had not paid back.

The prosecuting counsel put it to Mrs Danielli the car was registered under her husband's name, that he had privately insured himself, and that in the police interview she had twice referred to the car as belonging to her husband.

District judge Mark Hamill said the case was "nonsense on stilts, from start to finish. It was her car, it was his car, it was their car, and she attacked it to get back at him."

Judge Hamill said the damage done by the court cases "could not be undone".

He told the court: "If they had a Tardis to go back they would grab that with both hands."

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