Little Ferguson stars in million-pound tractor auction

By Conor Macauley
BBC NI Agriculture & Environment Correspondent

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Ferguson Brown tractor
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Feeding time for the wee Ferguson Brown

It is a little grey tractor once sat on by Harry Ferguson himself, and it is the star of a vintage auction expected to raise £1m.

The Ferguson Brown, worth up to £20,000, is one of 100 vintage tractors for sale in Dromore, County Tyrone on Saturday.

The collection owner spent 40 years lovingly restoring the vehicles but has now decided to sell them off.

And the sale has attracted interest from the US and Germany.

David Graham of Euro Auctions said there has been "huge interest" in the sale.

He said he believed it was due in part to people's nostalgic connection to the land.

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Tractor heaven for collectors

David Marshall from Omagh is hoping to buy the Ferguson Brown for a customer in Cumbria.

But he was not prepared to say what he would be prepared to pay for the "iconic little lady".

"It'll definitely go for more than the £226 it was worth when it was new," he said.

The Ferguson Brown revolutionised farming as it was the first tractor which allowed implements like ploughs to be connected directly to the vehicle and raised and lowered using a gear system.

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Very Porsche - racing red tractors

Also in the sale are 15 racing red Porsche tractors - with a top speed of 20mph.

They were built under franchise in the Republic of Ireland in the post war years.

They are expected to make between £10-20,000 depending on the model.