Northern Ireland

Bradley Logan's death could have been prevented

Bradley Logan Image copyright Belfast Telegraph
Image caption Bradley Logan,10, died after collapsing at a funfair in Newcastle in County Down in August 2015

A coroner has ruled that a boy's death could have been prevented had he been diagnosed with a rare heart condition during previous hospital visits.

Bradley Logan, 10, from Lisburn, died from a condition known as catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT).

He collapsed at a funfair in Newcastle in County Down in August 2015.

But Belfast Coroners' Court heard he had collapsed twice in the months before his death.

Doctors at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children were unable to diagnose his condition.

The coroner said that on the balance of probabilities the outcome for Bradley Logan would have been different if a diagnosis of CPVT had been made on either of his two visits to the hospital.

In a statement the Logan family said: "Unfortunately, two very clear opportunities were missed by the Belfast Trust to diagnose and treat Bradley's condition".

They added: "It is our sincere wish that the inquest will help to raise the profile of this hidden killer and that the protocol will be stringently enforced across all of the local health care trusts to help avoid the possibility of another young life being lost."