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Newspaper review: Stolen pallets, Simply Red and Stormont pups

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After a few weeks dominated by DUP-Tory talks, the front pages stay closer to home.

Bonfire season is upon us and the PSNI is investigating a theft, says the Belfast Telegraph.

The paper reports that 3,000 pallets being stored by Belfast City Council for Eleventh night bonfires have been stolen.

It speculates that the bonfire builders "may demand that the council buys new pallets to replace the stolen ones".

It adds that any such move would meet with fierce opposition from other parties.

The Irish News and Daily Mirror focus on a "significant failing" from the PSNI on the night of the tragic killing of a west Belfast greengrocer.

Harry Holland was stabbed outside his home, while protecting his van in 2007.

The papers report that the police had "failed to adequately respond" to a 999 call about a street gang armed with a knife on the night of the murder.

The Irish News reports that an officer has been disciplined over the failures. Mr Holland's daughter Sarah said her dad had been "completely failed by police".

There is more tragedy on the front page of the the News Letter.

It leads with the trial of a man who is in court over causing his father's death, by allowing the 69-year-old to sit on the draw bar between his tractor and trailer.

Pensioner Phelim Alexander Brady died after a cattle lorry crashed into the tractor driven by his son Paul.

His lawyer told the jury "you will have a heart of stone if you were not to have a sympathetic disposal to the facts".

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Image caption Alex Attwood lost his west Belfast seat in the March Assembly elections

Former SDLP MLA Alex Attwood may have lost his assembly seat, but he's still earning £55,000 as a member of the Assembly Commission, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

The veteran politician failed to get elected in March and hasn't been paid an MLA salary since then.

However, the paper reports, as Stormont is currently "in limbo", no new Assembly Commission can been elected and the salary continues.

An SDLP spokesperson told the paper Mr Attwood was a "member of the Assembly Commission and continues to represent the party in that role".

There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on Mr Attwood's part.

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Image caption Linfield captain Jamie Mulgrew lifts the Gibson Cup after the Premiership title was secured

Has a potential crisis been averted?

All our local daily papers report that a controversial Linfield v Celtic football match, which could have been played on the Eleventh night, has been postponed until 14 July.

The match can only happen, of course, if 'The Blues' defeat La Fiorita of San Marino in a first-round clash.

The Irish News says the decision was made after "extensive consultations between two clubs".

The paper's editorial says the authorities "deserve credit" for their quick thinking and the move has been "sensible".

'Simply Donegal'

Good news for fans of flame-haired crooner Mick Hucknall.

The Simply Red front man is selling his Glenmore rivers estate, in east Donegal. He owns the property with fellow band member Chris De Margary.

Covering more than 24,000 acres the Irish News says the estate is popular amongst the "super rich as a hunting location".

The bad news is that the estate on the River Finn is on sale for £2.3m, so if money's too tight to mention, give it a miss.

Daisy Long

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Image caption Naomi Long's dog Daisy won't be going to work with her human

Ruff day at the office? Good news - it's national 'Bring your Dog to Work Day'.

The Belfast Telegraph gauges what Alliance Party leader Naomi Long thinks about the idea. She said she'd thought about bringing her dog, Daisy, along to Stormont.

Surely Daisy could ease any tensions between fraught politicians during current negotiations?

Unfortunately Naomi says little Daisy isn't too keen to going to the hill. We can't blame you Daisy.