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Passengers angry over Aer Lingus cancellations

Aer Lingus planes at Belfast City Airport
Image caption Aer Lingus operates from Belfast City Airport

Aer Lingus customers have been reacting angrily to a decision by the airline to cancel some of its holiday flights to and from Belfast City Airport.

The summertime routes were due to end in late September but due to poor seat sales, the airline is stopping the service at the end of August.

The routes affected are between Belfast to Majorca and between Belfast to Alicante, Spain.

The airline said it had reallocated its planes to "routes with greater demand".

It said it would offer a "full refund or alternative flights" to customers who were booked to fly in September.

"We apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused," said an Aer Lingus statement.

'So much hassle'

However, a number of people who contacted BBC Newsline's Facebook page expressed anger at how they had been treated.

One woman said: "Our family of five has been cancelled via email yesterday.

"We were travelling 29 August to Alicante and home on 5 September so return journey cancelled.

"This is a total nightmare for us, particularly as we're travelling with two infants and have been saving for months. They offered to fly us home to Dublin but it arrives at 130am (completely unsuitable with babies) and there are no buses to get us home to Belfast.

"It's also caused so much hassle with trying to change our leave from work and we've lost deposits for car hire and accommodation! Total nightmare!"

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Another posted: "Flights booked months ago. Costing more to book same dates with another carrier. Should receive compensation as well as refund.

"Have always flown with Aer Lingus. Took ages to get through to customer services to get refund too. Not impressed!!"

A third woman said: "My flight home from Alicante on 12/09 was cancelled. The alternative flight offered was laughable, landing in Dublin at half one in the morning instead of tea time in Belfast city.

"Left me no choice but to book elsewhere at extra expense. Complained to Aer Lingus. They don't care."

There were several other similar responses from people who had flights cancelled.

Meanwhile, Ryanair says it has launched £21.99 "rescue fares" on its Belfast - Alicante service "to accommodate customers affected by Aer Lingus' cancellation of September flights to/from Alicante".

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