Northern Ireland

Ulster University: Fees discount for GB students

Student in corridor Image copyright Clerkenwell
Image caption Students can choose to receive money towards purchasing a Macbook Pro

Ulster University (UU) is to offer discounts on tuition fees to students from England, Scotland and Wales.

Students beginning in 2017/18 will be offered a £2,000 discount on fees or a £1,000 discount plus money towards travel and accommodation costs.

They can also choose to receive money towards purchasing a Macbook Pro.

However, they will still pay substantially higher tuition fees than their Northern Irish or European Union counterparts.

Northern Ireland and EU undergraduate students will pay £4,030 in fees in 2017/18 if they study at universities in Northern Ireland.

Fees for their counterparts from England, Scotland and Wales going to study at UU are set at £9,000.

That is a rise of £3,000 from 2016/17, when they were charged £6,000 a year.

However, they will effectively now pay £7,000 or £8,000 a year depending on which discount option they choose.

International students

Queen's University (QUB), meanwhile, is to charge £9,250 in tuition fees to England, Scotland and Wales in 2017/18 - a rise of £250 on 2016/17.

While the vast majority of students at UU and QUB are from Northern Ireland, around 6% of their undergraduates are from elsewhere in the UK.

Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) for 2015/16 show that 1255 of 20835 undergraduates in Northern Ireland were from GB.

A further 1855 undergraduates are from the European Union or are classed as international students.

Separately, figures from the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) have shown a drop in the number of local students applying to university.

20,290 Northern Irish students have applied to go to UK universities this year, a decline of 4% since 2016 and the lowest number of applicants since 2013.

However, the number of students recruited from elsewhere will have no effect in reducing space for local students as the number of places at UU and QUB for Northern Ireland undergraduates is set by the Department for the Economy.