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MEPs to call for no reduction in NI 'democratic rights'

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The European Parliament is expected to approve a resolution on Wednesday calling for no reduction in "social and democratic rights" in NI after Brexit.

The resolution is part of the parliament's assessment of the progress of the Brexit negotiations.

It is understood that Sinn Féin pressed for the language on democratic rights to be included.

The party hopes it will leave open the possibility that NI can still have representation in the parliament.

People in Northern Ireland who have Irish citizenship will all also remain EU citizens after Brexit.

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Image caption Guy Verhofstadt suggested Irish citizens in Northern Ireland could elect MEPs in the Republic of Ireland

Last year, the parliament's Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt suggested these people could elect MEPs in the Republic of Ireland after Brexit.

However that idea has not gained support in the parliament.

When Mr Verhofstadt first suggested the measure it was dismissed by the chair of the parliament's constitutional affairs committee.

The parliament's Brexit resolution also welcomes the publication of the EU's protocol on Ireland which sets out the controversial "backstop" option for avoiding a hard border.

Sinn Féin is a member of the GUE/NGL group in the parliament, one of the five major groups represented on the parliament's Brexit steering group.

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