Ulster University withdraws status from Prof Richard Lynn

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The university said it had taken the decision after considering ""all relevant information"

Ulster University has withdrawn the emeritus title from psychology professor Richard Lynn.

Prof Lynn taught at UU and some of his work has proved controversial.

The university said it had made its decision "following due process and considering all relevant information".

"Ulster University has withdrawn the emeritus title from Professor Richard Lynn and notified the individual accordingly," it said.

"Professor Richard Lynn does not work for Ulster University nor does he contribute to our research and teaching."

The title of emeritus professor is often bestowed on retired academics who have been eminent at a particular university.

In February, the university's students' union called on UU to end its association with the psychology professor.

The union passed a motion alleging that Prof Lynn advocates views that are "racist and sexist in nature".

Speaking on Saturday, the union's president Kevin McStravock said: "We'd welcome the fact they've considered the case and they've taken this action and I think it's clear they've made the right decision with that.

I know that in coming to that decision they had other factors to consider, so I'm not sure what weight our motion and that side of things had on the final decision.

"But I'm glad that Ulster have reached that decision."