Northern Ireland

Enniskillen: Man shot in head with air gun at marina

The Fermanagh lakes attract boating enthusiasts from all over Ireland and the UK, as well as from further afield
Image caption The incident happened on the Fermanagh lakes at the weekend

A man has been shot in the head with an air gun as he was out on the water at a marina in County Fermanagh at the weekend.

He was hit at about 22:10 BST on Friday at Lochside Marina, Enniskillen.

Police said the man was expected to make a full recovery.

However, they have issued a warning about the dangers of using such guns.

"The use of any firearm, including pellet guns, carries a huge responsibility, and should not be carried on land without the landowners permission," a police spokesperson said.

"There is also massive potential to cause injury to others if they are not treated with respect, even if it is unintentional."