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NI Paper Review: Cannabis oil and #MeToo

Lorries getting onto a Ro-Ro ferry

Brexit checks, cannabis oil and the #MeToo campaign are all across Friday's front pages.

The Irish news leads with the EU's plans for potential Brexit checks that could take place at Dublin port, with affected goods avoiding the Northern Ireland to Britain route.

The plans have been suggested to ease the DUP's fears of barriers being put up between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The broadcaster RTE reported that trade in affected goods between the north and Britain could be pushed through Dublin instead.

This could avoid the necessity of checks at Northern Ireland's ports.

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Image caption East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has said his party are "not bluffing"

The Newsletter reports that DUP Sammy Wilson has insisted that his party are "not bluffing" over their threats to withdraw parliamentary support for Theresa May if she breaches the party's red lines on Brexit.

In a move to put pressure on Downing Street, the DUP has said that it is ready to block this month's budget and potentially topple the prime minister unless they get reassurance that there will be no border in the Irish sea after Brexit.

While some Tory MPs said they believe that the DUP were "bluffing", Mr Wilson said: "Do not take our votes for granted".

The East Antrim MP told The Newsletter: "We have told the government that if they are going to break their promises to us then we don't feel bound to any agreement with them".

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Image caption Emma Watson said it is a "dire situation" that Northern Ireland has bene without a rape crisis centre

Inside the Belfast Telegraph, a £200,000 grant has been given to Northern Ireland to set up a rape crisis centre.

The Justice and Equality Fund, set up by British celebrities as a result of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, has given the money to Women's Aid Federation NI.

The grant is part of £1000,000 which is being given to seven women's organisations across the UK, to help women who have suffered from sexual harassment and abuse.

The funding will help to re-establish the rape crisis service in Northern Ireland after a 12 years without it.

Actress Emma Watson said it was a "dire situation" that victims of sexual abuse and violence had been without it for so long.

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Image caption Doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis after a change in the law

The Irish News includes the news that cannabis-based medicinal products will be made available in Northern Ireland.

The Department of Health said it would be taking measures to enable patients for the first time to be prescribed cannabis-based products without a licence.

The move mirrors changes in Britain and will come into force on 1 November.

The new regulations come after a number of high profile cases, including Billy Caldwell, whose mother campaigned for access to cannabis oil to help ease her son's symptoms of epilepsy.

'Cat attack '

Inside The Belfast Telegraph, a pensioner form Londonderry is in shock after her cat, Lucky, was shot 25 times with a pellet gun.

Nellie McGinley found two-year-old Lucky bleeding and seriously injured outside her gate on Wednesday night.

The 79-year-old rushed her pet to a nearby vet, who took an X-ray and found 25 pellets inside the cat's body.

Nellie said that she is praying that her "best friend" survives.

She added: "The vet have taken a pellet from her head and they have sent it away for analysis.

"If if it is a lead pellet, then she will have been poisoned and won't survive".

And finally, The Daily Mirror NI reports that the potato has been voted Britain's favourite vegetable.

In a poll conducted by sauce firm Dolmio, 72% said that the potato had the most 'a-peel', while artichokes and okra came last.

More than half of the participants said that they were fussy about eating their greens and 74% said they don't get their five-a-day.

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