Northern Ireland

Belfast man with 77 convictions jailed for bottle attack

Belfats Crown Court

A 26-year-old man who chased and hit another man over the head with a bottle has been sentenced to two years.

Christopher Reid, from Derryveagh Close in Belfast, had pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm on 1 January 2017.

Reid, who has 77 previous convictions, will serve a year in jail and a year on supervised parole.

Belfast Crown Court heard that his victim was initially attacked by two others before fleeing into an alleyway.

A prosecutor said the man was later chased by Reid, who hit him with the bottle.

'Achilles' heel is alcohol'

During a police interview, Reid claimed to have little recollection of the incident and said he could not remember where he had got the bottle.

A defence barrister said Reid's "Achilles' heel is alcohol", and that while he accepts he chased the man he has no recollection of picking up the bottle.

He does, however, accept hitting him with it, the court heard.

"At the time he was clearly intoxicated either from drink and, or, drugs," said the defence counsel.

He added that although Reid hit the man with the bottle, he did not continue his attack.

The barrister said that Reid, who had "voiced his regret and remorse" for what he had done, was taking steps, while in prison, to affect changes in his life.

The judge told Reid that his was an all too familiar and depressing story, played out across the country, of young men engaging in gratuitous violence while under the influence of drink and or drugs.