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Is the heatwave set to last in Northern Ireland?

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Image caption Following heavy downpours, the weather has cleared up and temperatures have increased

Northern Ireland has seen quite a change in the weather since the soggy final day at the Open in Portrush, with temperatures rising into the mid-20s in places.

Monday was the warmest day of the year in Northern Ireland so far, with a temperature of 26.5C at Killowen, County Down.

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Media captionWeather for Tuesday 23 July 2019

Currently, parts of Europe are experiencing heatwave conditions coming in from north Africa with temperature records likely to be broken in some areas on Tuesday.

Temperatures over parts of France are in the low 40s - something to bear in mind if you're heading off on holiday.

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The jet stream, a ribbon of high winds which affects our weather, has plunged south over the Atlantic forcing the hot air north over Europe and towards the UK.

Parts of southeast England will see temperatures rising to the low 30s.

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Media captionEuropean heatwave jet stream 23 July 2019

However, this very warm spell isn't likely to last too much longer for western parts of the UK.

A disturbance and eastward shift in the jet stream on Monday evening will bring some downpours, thunder and lightning as a weather front edges in from the west.

Some of that may well fringe into parts of Northern Ireland, with eastern counties looking most prone.

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Media captionWarm air mass to travel across NI

Having said that, it'll still be on the warm side through the rest of the week with temperatures in the high teens to low 20s.

There'll be an increasing risk of showers and winds will increase, but there'll still be good dry spells too.

Heatwave conditions look set to persist towards the southeast of England and could be even hotter, potentially up to 35 or 36C on Thursday.

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