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Singer Malachi Cush 'feared losing leg' after runaway car crash

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Image caption Malachi Cush has released several albums after finding fame in 2002

Singer Malachi Cush has said he feared he would lose a leg after suffering a serious injury when he was hit by a runaway car last month.

He and another man were injured in a collision outside a hardware shop in Dungannon, County Tyrone.

He spent about three weeks in hospital and had surgery on his leg.

In his first interview since the accident, he told the BBC's Sunday Sequence he is unlikely to be able to perform again before December.

The County Tyrone man shot to prominence on the BBC talent show, Fame Academy, in 2002 and has since released several albums as well as working as a broadcaster.

'I couldn't get up'

He said that on 3 June, the day he was injured, he was visiting a hardware shop on Scotch Street in Dungannon to get garden equipment fixed.

He and the shopkeeper were placing the equipment into the boot of his car when they were struck by the runaway vehicle.

"We hadn't seen or heard any sign of anything coming our way... it was very, very quick and sudden," he said.

"I thought there had been some sort of explosion because I could see all the debris on the ground.

"Then I tried to get up and obviously my legs were damaged so I couldn't get up and... I seemed to lose consciousness."

He said he thought he was going to die while his wife and his sister were next to him on the street.

Image caption Malachi Cush and another man were injured in the collision in Dungannon last month

He was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast where he had surgery on his injured leg, but there was fears for it in the aftermath.

'Power of prayer'

The crash had left his leg in "pretty bad nick" and he sustained cuts, lacerations and had teeth knocked out, but was "lucky" not to have any internal injuries.

"After the surgery the leg went a little bit wrong," he said.

"It swelled up beyond its normal size and there was concern over it for a few days.

But the "power of prayer" had a big effect on his recovery, he believes.

Image caption The runaway vehicle struck Malachi and a shopkeeper as they stood at the back of his car

"I do believe genuinely that we got a miracle of some description because things were quite bleak on the street," he added.

"I could've lost the leg; I could've had spinal injuries."

He said he was full of gratitude and determined to recover.

'Get back to what I love'

In the early stages of his recovery he cannot drive or travel by air.

This means he will miss out on work, some of which is based in London and the United States.

"Life has changed for me," he said.

His recovery could be a "12-month-plus project" but he is aiming to perform a show in December.

"The goal for me is to get back to a place where I can get back on stage and get back doing what I love - singing."

You can hear the full interview with Malachi Cush on Sunday Sequence on BBC Radio Ulster at 08:30 BST on Sunday.

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