BT appeal over autism discrimination rejected

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A court has rejected an appeal by BT against a decision to award a man with autism more than £18,000 after he was discriminated against by the company.

Kevin Owen Meier was rejected by the company after he applied for a place on its graduate recruitment scheme.

Mr Meier, 25, has Asperger's Syndrome, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Last year, a tribunal ruled that a test used in the selection process placed Mr Meier at a disadvantage compared to other candidates.

The panel heard that the Queen's University graduate had a very high IQ and was a member of Mensa.

It said BT had discriminated against the man on the grounds of his disability and had not made reasonable adjustments for him.

The telecoms giant had contested the case, however the panel decided that it had treated Mr Meier less favourably than other candidates.

It said BT had acted unlawfully and without adequate explanation.

The claimant was awarded more than £18,400 because of a loss of earnings and injury to feelings.

On Monday, the Court of Appeal rejected BT's appeal and upheld the tribunal decision that it had discriminated against Mr Meier.

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