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NI Paper Review: Nora Quoirin grief and A-level results day

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Reaction to the post-mortem examination of the body of British teenager Nora Quoirin is the main story across Friday's papers.

We will start with the Belfast Telegraph, which reports that the family of Nora Quoirin whose body was found in a Malaysian rain forest, is not convinced by the results.

The 15-year-old's body was found beside a stream about 1.6 miles (2.5km) from the jungle resort of Dusun on Tuesday.

She died from internal bleeding probably caused by hunger and stress, the post-mortem examination revealed.

Malaysian Police said there was no suspicion of foul-play.

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Image caption Nora Quoirin went missing on 4 August

However, the newspaper states that the lawyer for Nora's family has said that people should be "cautious" about the interpretation of the post-mortem examination.

Charles Morel said the Quoirin family still "cannot understand" how Nora had left the holiday cottage that they were staying in by herself.

According to the paper, Nora's French grandfather Sylvain Quoirin said he believes "someone put" the teenager's body in the place where it was found.

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Image caption Rescuers found Nora's body near to the Dusun resort

In the Daily Mirror, there is more from the Quoirin's lawyer, Charles Morel, who said the family believe that Nora was "led away" from the hotel.

Mr Morel added: "Nora was very shy, dependent on her mother and it's not in her temperament to go out in the night after a long trip in a place she doesn't know.

"Even the place where she was found, two kilometres from the resort, it's very strange that she could go there by herself, alone, so we cannot exclude the criminal hypothesis."

The newspaper reports that the area in which Nora was found had previously been searched by rescue teams, which included hundreds of people, dogs, a helicopter and drones.

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Image caption About 350 people had been searching dense jungle for Nora

In the News Letter, organisers of a parade to mark the 50th anniversary of the troops arriving in Northern Ireland say they have banned any emblems supporting 'Soldier F'.

The Operation Banner commemoration in Lisburn on Saturday comes one week after a band caused controversy in Londonderry by wearing uniforms with symbols relating to the Parachute Regiment during an Apprentice Boys parade.

Saturday's parade and drumhead service at Wallace Park has been organised by the NI Veterans Association (NIVA).


It will include groups representing former soldiers, RUC, NI Prison Service personnel, An Garda Síochána and Irish Defence Forces, as well as other emergency services.

Ian Simpson of NIVA said the day was a day of "commemoration" and not one to stage a protest.

He said: "As much as we understand and emphasise with people's feelings, this Saturday is not the day for it.

"There will be other days to protest in support of Soldier F."

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Image caption Northern Ireland students have outperformed their counterparts in England and Wales in recent years in A-level subjects

And finally, the Irish News reports that, the number of A* grades awarded in Northern Ireland A-levels has risen.

The rise in A* grades was reportedly driven by an increase in female performance, as girls achieved higher outcomes than boys across all grades.

According to the newspaper, A*-A grades increased 0.5 percentage points to 30.9%.

The A*-E pass rate remained stable with a 0.1 percentage point increase to 98.3%.

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Image caption Maths was the most popular subject with boys this year

Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics decreased, but these subjects still accounted for more than one in three entries.

However, Maths was still the most popular subject for the third year in a row, followed by Biology and Business Studies.

There was also a fall in the numbers taking languages - Irish, French, German and Spanish all decreased slightly.