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Coach nightclub: Concern over advert for A-level results party

The entrance to Coach nightclub in Banbridge. Image copyright Google
Image caption Coach nightclub in Banbridge has been criticised for an advert aimed at A-level students

A nightclub in Banbridge has been criticised over a controversial advert for an A-level results party.

The Coach used an image of a young man lying face down surrounded by plastic cups.

Colin Neill, chief executive of Hospitality Ulster, said: "Irresponsible promotions have no place in our industry and we condemn them."

A statement released by the Coach says the safety of patrons is their primary concern.

Speaking on the Nolan Show, Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly said she would be asking the local council to review the Coach's drinks licence.

She said: "It's shocking that a club would promote such behaviour.

"To give that message to young people, that the only way to celebrate success or to drown one's sorrows is to fall flat on your face full drunk is beyond belief."


GP Dr George O'Neill said that this form of marketing was "appalling, unhelpful" and "dangerous".

Colin Neill of Hospitality Ulster said: "We believe the imagery associated with this promotion is unacceptable and have referred it to the independent complaints panel for the industry's responsible retailing code."

Former health minister Jim Wells described the advert as disgraceful. He said: "The signal they're sending out here is that you drink yourself into the ground. And I think it emphasises yet again the need for minimum unit pricing."

Coach nightclub said they had first aid personnel on site at all times and their staff members are trained to identify when patrons have potentially overindulged.

They said: "We encourage responsible alcohol consumption."

The venue added that the image used in the advert was taken from a film, Project X, by which the party was inspired.

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