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Foo Fighters' youngest fan steals the show

Taylor Hooper Image copyright Nikki Hooper
Image caption Taylor Hooper holding one of the band's guitars backstage

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best view?

On Monday night, that is exactly what happened to five-year-old Taylor Hooper when he joined the Foo Fighters on stage at Belfast's Vital concert.

The mini rocker danced alongside his music idols in front of 35,000 people at the Boucher playing fields.

Not bad for his first gig.

Nikki Hooper and her husband have been huge fans of the US group, led by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, for nearly two decades.

They have travelled far and wide to see them perform, however Monday's gig was particularly special as it was the first time they had brought their son with them.

Taylor - named after the Foo Fighter's drummer Taylor Hawkins - has "always loved their music".

Image caption Taylor's namesake on the drums

"He's been listening to them since he was born - mainly because me and his dad are massive fans," said Mrs Hooper, from north Belfast.

"We were going to the gig with friends from across the UK, and we thought it would be fun to bring our son with us.

"We contacted the event promoters and they said it would be no problem, but that we should be aware it would be a loud music event, so we got Taylor some special headphones.

"When we got there, everyone was so welcoming to him."

'Wee dude'

Taylor had brought a handmade poster with him, which made him stand out from the crowd.

"People kept encouraging us to go towards the front," said Mrs Hooper.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters founder and frontman

"Dave Grohl spotted it and read out what it said - that Taylor was five and this was his first concert.

"The crowd then started shouting 'up on stage', and Dave said 'bring the wee dude up here' and that's exactly what happened."

Once on stage, Taylor danced along to his favourite songs in front of the encouraging crowd and he has now become an internet sensation.

Image copyright Nikki Hooper
Image caption Taylor 'rocking it out' backstage while the Foo Fighters performed in Belfast

"It was a proud moment for us as parents," said Mrs Hooper.

"He stole the limelight - we're all still on cloud nine.

"People say you want to meet your rock legends, but for me personally, nothing will beat this.

"It was a massive moment and I'm not at all jealous because these memories will stay with Taylor forever."

However, memories are not the only thing Taylor took away with him.

When he caught up with the band backstage, he was given a number of gifts, including a sweatband and a set of Hawkins' drumsticks.

As far as first concerts go, this one is going to be hard to beat.