Hing Tong Cheung jailed for killing cyclist Gavin Moore

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image captionHing Tong Cheung was described as having been a pillar of the Chinese community in Northern Ireland

A 61-year-old man who pleaded guilty to causing the death by dangerous driving of a cyclist has been given a 12-month sentence.

Hing Tong Cheung, better known as Steve, struck a group of cyclists on the Bangor Road in Newtownards on 11 July 2017.

Gavin Moore, 40, died as a result of the collision.

A second man was seriously injured in the crash; Cheung admitted causing him grievous bodily injury.

In his sentencing remarks, a judge focused on the emotional impact the incident had on "extremely decent, honest people".

The judge also spoke about the additional tragedy that Mr Moore's family has endured in recent weeks with the death of his partner Joanne Ryans, who passed away on 12 October.

Referencing her victim impact statement, which had been written as an email to a friend, Judge Rafferty said: "I was intensely moved by the reports that I read.

"It is a further tragedy in this case that between re-arraignment and sentencing she passed away.

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image captionGavin Moore, who was 40, was killed in the collision

"It was a candid moment where she didn't think what she had written would be seen. The humanity of the lady came through."

In that email, Ms Ryans wrote: "Gavin left home at 9am kissing me and saying 'I'll see you later, babe.'

"It was a normal working day for me. When he was cycling he'd normally arrive home at lunchtime.

"It was a lovely day so I thought they'd just had an extra coffee break. My world, again broken."

image captionHing Tong Cheung struck a group of cyclists on on the Bangor Road in Newtownards on 11 July 2017

The judge also spoke directly to two of Mr Moore's cycling group, stating that they should not feel survivor's guilt.

Cheung was described as having been a pillar of the Chinese community in Northern Ireland and a former secretary of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, who had not received as much as a fixed penalty notice for his driving in the past.

The judge acknowledged that Cheung felt shame and upset as a result of the crash and was now suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

"He has contributed to society, yet at 61 finds himself in the dock of a crown court having killed one man and seriously injured another," said the judge.

Cheung, of Hanover Hill, Bangor, was sentenced to 12 months, half of which will be served in prison and half on statutory supervision.

A three-year driving disqualification was also imposed.

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