Bottled water withdrawn from sale in Northern Ireland

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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has issued a recall of the bottled water

About 23,000 bottles of water produced by Celtic Pure have been withdrawn from sale in Northern Ireland.

Food Standards Agency NI said it "is a precautionary withdrawal by the businesses involved as the risk to consumers is very low".

It follows a recall of a range of Celtic Pure bottled waters by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

This was due to some water products "testing positive for a number of bacteria".

The FSAI said Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli bacteria were detected.

It added that Pseudomonas aeruginosa "rarely causes illness in healthy individuals, however it poses a higher risk of complications if consumed by severely immunocompromised people such as those who have undergone transplants or chemotherapy".

The agency said the presence of E. coli in water is "considered an indicator that the water has been contaminated with faecal material, however this does not mean it will make people sick".

Consumers have been "advised not to drink the bottled water products implicated in this recall".

Closure order

The FSAI said the Health Service Executive (HSE) in the Republic of Ireland has served a prohibition order on Celtic Pure, which is based in County Monaghan, prohibiting it from placing any "further implicated product on the market".

It said the HSE has also served a closure order on Celtic Pure.

A closure order is issued in the Republic of Ireland "if in the opinion of the authorised officer, there is or there is likely to be a grave and immediate danger to public health at/or in the food premises".

Closures orders can refer to the immediate closure of all or part of the food premises, or all or some of its activities.

The orders may be lifted when the premises has improved to the satisfaction of the authorised officer.

The Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland said it was working with authorities in the Republic of Ireland and district councils to ensure the withdrawal measures "are carried out".

Celtic Pure has been contacted for comment.