Covid-19: Two more coronavirus-related deaths recorded in NI

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BBC News NI outlines the latest data on coronavirus and vaccinations across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Northern Ireland

The latest Covid-19 figures for Northern Ireland account for a 48 hour period as no figures were published on Sunday.

Another two Covid-19-related deaths have been recorded in Northern Ireland, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,118.

Another 89 people have tested positive for coronavirus.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Northern Ireland is now 117,676.

Figures published on Friday showed there were 105 people in hospital with Covid-19, with 16 in intensive care and 10 being ventilated.

Last updated 5 April at 14:00 BST.


A total of 779,932 individuals have received one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, while 163,818 have received two.

The total number of number of vaccines administered in Northern Ireland is 943,750.

Last updated 5 April at 14:00 GMT.

Source: Department of Health Northern Ireland

The Republic of Ireland recorded no further Covid-19-related deaths, with its total remaining at 4,718.

A further 320 people tested positive for coronavirus.

There have been 238,468 confirmed cases of the virus in the Republic of Ireland.

Latest figures show there are 260 patients in hospital, with 58 were in intensive care.

Last updated on 5 April at 16:30 local time.


As of 2 April, 655,292 people had received their first dose of the vaccine, and 268,586 people had received their second dose, according to the Republic of Ireland's Department of Health.

The total number of vaccines administered in the Republic of Ireland is 923,878.

Last updated on 5 April at 15:00 local time.

Source: Department of Health Ireland