More Londonderry learner drivers failed on driving test

Londonderry has the worst pass rate for the practical driving test in Northern Ireland.

Only 40.7 % of learner car drivers passed the test in Derry in the period April to July this year, according to new figures released by the Driver Vehicle Testing Agency ().

The DVTA test centre in Enniskillen had the highest pass rate at 66.6%.

Of the 1,870 tests carried out at the Derry test centre at Waterside House, 761 learners passed and 1109 failed.

Local driving instructor John O'Donnell said part of the problem in Derry was the location of the test centre, which is beside the NIR railway station.

"Particularly when the train comes in, you have buses there and cars and taxis parked everywhere and it's just the start of the driving test route. People are nervous enough going out," he said.

However, according to Mr O'Donnell the situation may soon improve.

He said: "The good news is the test centre is moving. In October it's going up to Trench Road. That should cure a lot of problems."