'Serious crime' prompts police raid of Londonderry homes

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Police have raided two homes in Londonderry in what they describe as an ongoing investigation into serious crime.

The action on the Abercorn Road has been criticised by community worker Eugene McLoone, whose home was searched.

The second house belonged to his 80-year-old mother-in-law.

He said the properties had been targeted because his 22-year-old son had recently been arrested.

Mr McLoone said he had objected to the search as the house had been raided six weeks previously.

"They asked if my son lived here and I said no, he comes now and again but he is of no fixed abode," he said.

"I was then informed that he had been arrested."

Mr McLoone said that the last time the police had raided the house they had confiscated computers and mobile phones, which had not yet been returned.

"You know we have people in university trying to educate themselves.

"My son and daughter spent several hundred pounds on two brand new laptops last week and we bought new phones."

He said he did not understand why the police could not determine whether or not the equipment was of any relevance to their investigations without taking it away.

"The situation is, regardless of what's what, my nine-year-old didn't do any harm to anybody. I certainly didn't do anything, my wife didn't do anything, my boys and girls didn't do anything and as far as the alleged thing that they have my son up for doing, I know nothing about it," he said.

In a statement the PSNI said they were unable to comment on ongoing investigations and advised anyone with a complaint to make regarding police actions to contact the police ombudsman.