Father says he was 'powerless' to stop son's attack

The father of a 15-year-old boy who was beaten by a masked gang in Londonderry said they threatened to shoot him if he tried to intervene and stop the attack.

The teenager was attacked at the rear of a house in Mimosa Court in Derry at about 22.45 BST on Saturday.

He was treated in hospital following the assault in the Waterside but his injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

His father said he felt powerless as he watched the gang beat his son.

"I heard him shouting, I looked around and there were three or four boys beating him with masks on," he said.

"I went towards the gate and a man pointed the gun at me and said 'stay where you are or you'll get it'.

"I knew the best thing to do was to stand back.

"If they knew I was there they were going to get off him faster and get away and then at least then I could help him.

"He was shouting 'help me, help me'. I know if it was me, it would scare me so what's it going to do to a child."

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