Church leaders visit officer's family after bomb attack

Church leaders in Derry have visited the elderly parents of a Catholic policeman who were targeted by dissident republican bombers.

A bomb was left outside the couple's home at Drumleck Drive in Shantallow. The officer does not live there.

The police said it could have killed or maimed, but the device failed to explode and there were no injuries.

It was the second time the family had been targeted by dissident republicans.

Church of Ireland Bishop Ken Good and Waterside parish priest Fr Michael Canny said the attack was designed to maim and intimidate.

They urged people not to be deterred from joining the PSNI.

Bishop Good praised the policeman's family.

"I was quite struck by a dignity about them, a calmness about them, a refusal to be intimidated and, despite what they've come through, they said they've received many, many messages of support and we wanted to be part of that," he said.

"I was struck too by the level of commitment that is required of families of people who serve in the police.

"You know, it's not just the police themselves but the family circle who can sometimes pay a price and have done so for many years."

Fr Canny, who has known the couple for many years, said they were determined not to be intimidated by "these cowardly thugs".

He added: "These people who are carrying out these attacks are people are are bankrupt of ideas and they are attacking very, very vulnerable people.