Two men appear in court in Derry on drugs charges

Two Londonderry men have appeared at the city's Magistrates Court on charges related to the Class B drug mephedrone.

David Robinson, from Kinsale Park and Craig Inglis, from Glendermott Road were charged importing the drug on 1 August last year.

They are also charged with possessing mephedrone with intent to supply and conspiring to others with intent to supply the drug.

Both men were released on bail of £400 to appear in court again on 8 July.

As part of their bail conditions, they were ordered not to contact each other.

During the hearing, District Judge Barney McElholm made a request to the media not to publish the addresses of the accused.

He said that: "although I have no powers, I am asking the press not to publish their addresses because I do not believe those paramilitary thugs out there should have any more help than they already have."

The BBC said it carefully considered the judge's request but added that it believed that if the men's lives were in danger the court should have applied for formal reporting restrictions to be imposed.