Gun jammed in man's face in Derry

A Londonderry man has described how a man tried to shoot him in the face but the gun jammed when he pulled the trigger three times.

Anthony Doherty, 54, from Glencaw Park said he had no idea why he was targeted in the early hours of Thursday.

He said it may have been a case of mistaken identity.

"It was my wife's birthday and we had a family get together at the house. In the early hours, two men came across the wall with a handgun," he said.

"The gun was pointed at my face and the trigger was pulled, but it jammed three times and they then ran off.

"My two sons had to chase after the men but they lost them.

"It was very scary.

"They didn't say very much at the time. They said, 'we'll be back.'"I can't think of any reason why I was targeted.

"I collapsed after one of my sons did not return after running after them. It could have been a case of mistaken identity."

Anthony, who suffers from health problems, said his wife had also been left terrified by the incident.

"My wife is scared also. She is very restless thinking they will come back again," he said.

"I hope this will not happen again.

Image caption The incident happened at Glencaw Park in the early hours of the morning

"Two shots were fired in the area afterwards."

Police in Derry said they were investigating reports that a number of shots were fired in the city in the early hours of Thursday.

It is believed the two men made off towards the Leafair Park area.

Inquiries are continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact police at Foyle.