Man jailed for gross indecency towards child

A Londonderry man has been jailed for six months for gross indecency towards a six year old girl.

He was placed on the sex offender's register for seven years.

Daniel Martin 'Speedy' Carlin from Ballyarnett committed the offences against the child over a two year period starting in January 2006 when she was aged six.

Carlin, 61, pleaded guilty to the charges.

In September 2008 Carlin was convicted of voyeurism by looking through a keyhole in the Templemore Sports Complex where he worked at a woman undressing in the women's changing area.


For that offence he was placed on probation for two years and on the Sex Offender's Register.

A prosecution barrister told Judge Stephen Fowler that Carlin admitted going into the girl's bedroom while naked and turning the girl towards him.

The barrister said there was no contact between the girl and Carlin, nor were threats made against the child.

The barrister said Carlin was then in a relationship with the girl's mother and sometimes stayed overnight in the family home she shared with her mother and sister.

The girl told her mother about the offences in 2010. Carlin was interviewed by the police and denied the charges. He maintained his innocence until 29 May of this year when his trial was due to start.

Judge Fowler was told that while the girl no longer lived in Northern Ireland, her father was in court for yesterday's hearing.

The prosecution barrister said the girl's family welcomed the fact that she would not have to give evidence in the case following Carlin's admissions.

Defence barrister Mark Reid acccepted that the girl had suffered trauma and distress because of Carlin's horrific behaviour which he said was at the lower end of the scale of such sexual offences.


He said Carlin was well known in the local community and following his conviction for voyeurism he had been ostracised by members of his family and by most of his community and now lived a reclusive life.

"He has paid a heavy penalty in terms of his family, of his social standing and his family's good name has been destroyed", he said.

Sentencing Carlin, Judge Fowler said the fact he had a degree showed he was an intelligent man.

"Of all people he should have known the consequences of this type of behaviour, he has visited these events on himself", he said.

He said the victim impact reports showed the abuse had had a distressing and traumatic impact on the child.

As well as jailing Carlin for six months, Judge Fowler imposed further barring orders on him. These include no unsupervised contact with children, a full disclosure of his convictions to any prospective employer, a ban on accessing internet devices unless monitored by a probation officer and he also ordered Carlin, on his prison release, to allow the police access to his approved address to ensure he was complying with court orders.