Teenager drowned in Creggan reservoir named as Connor McCafferty

Creggan reservoir
Image caption The gates of Creggan reservoir remain closed this afternoon.

A 19-year-old man drowned in a reservoir in Creggan in Londonderry has been named locally as Connor McCafferty from Cromore Gardens.

The emergency services were called to the scene early on Thursday morning, and police divers recovered the body at about 06:30 BST.

The police are not treating the death as suspicious.

Fire Service District Commander Barry McDowell said they had to rescue another young man from the water who had gone in to try and rescue his friend.

"When we arrived we found a group of youths who had been swimming in the reservoir, they were very distraught and they informed us that a friend of theirs had gone missing in the water.

"The police had to stop even more youths from entering the water as they tried to assist or look for their friend.

"One youth had entered the water while we were there and we couldn't hold him back, and he had to be rescued from the water using floating lines.

"We were very lucky that he got hold of one of those lines and we were able to pull him to safety otherwise we would have had a second tragedy there last night.

"The young man's family were there when the body was recovered, it was an awful time for them but I suppose that actually having his body there will help them grieve.

"The thoughts of the Fire and Rescue Service are with his family and friends during this tragic time," he said.

'Sad, tragic'

Paddy Wilson from Foyle Search and Rescue said he believed some young people had been having a party around the reservoir and the victim had tried to swim to a floating platform.

"His mother and father and the rest of the family were there last night, it's such a sad, tragic thing for anybody to be told.

"Last summer we had a similar tragedy, when a young man from Derry drowned in Rathmullan, and it seems as if we get calls like this in the summer.

"I would appeal to everybody, don't underestimate the cold water."

The mayor of Derry, Kevin Campbell, is a friend of the family.

"I know the family personally and it is a tragic and very personal loss for them.

"I was talking to his mother this morning and she was saying they were out last night, they had a great time, a brilliant night, and then they decided to go for a swim.

"It was such a tragic end to such a good day.

"They are in our thoughts and prayers as they are trying to come to terms with such dreadful news."