PSNI to re-examine death of Denise O'Donnell in Strabane

The police are to re-examine the death of a Strabane teenager whose body was found in the River Mourne 36 years ago.

Denise O'Donnell was 19 when she died. Her family have always believed that there was foul play.

Sinn Fein councillor Karina Breslin said the news brought the tragedy back to her.

She said: "Anyone who is from Strabane and who remembers the name of Denise O'Donnell will remember the gruesome events.

"Denise had gone missing after a night out. There was a massive hunt for her and unfortunately the hunt finished with the discovery of her body."

Ms Breslin also believes a crime was committed.

"The manner in which her body was found in a sewer pipe leaves us in no doubt that there was foul play involved," she said.

"Unfortunately I believe there was considerable difficulty in getting evidence from the body itself."

It is unclear if the police will launch a fresh investigation, but Ms Breslin said all avenues should be explored.

"If there was further information which would bring the investigation on, then we would urge the PSNI to act as they would in any other case and pursue the case as far as the evidence will allow them to pursue it, and if it brings any further lines of inquiry, to also follow those up."