Victim of racist attack in Coleraine may leave the town

The wife of a Chinese man who was beaten up in a racist attack in Coleraine on Tuesday night says they they are considering leaving the town.

45-year-old John Wu remains in hospital after he was attacked by four men and a woman outside his home at Long Commons.

His wife, Ru-yin Lu-o was looking after their young daughter when the attack happened.

She said she heard her husband screaming in pain during the attack.

"All of a sudden I heard this noise at the front door. I thought maybe a glass had been broken.

"My husband went to the front door and saw a big hole in it.

"He confronted the people who did it and when I went out he was holding his head and the blood was all over his face and hands," she said.


Mr Wu's wife said she saw the people responsible for the attack on her husband.

"The guys just walked away. I could only see the back of them. I kept screaming and screaming and I scared my baby.

"My neighbours came out and were very kind, they put towels on my husband's head and offered to look after my baby so i could take my husband to the hospital.

"I have never felt vulnerable or lonely before but I think now we will probably move."