Londonderry call centre announces almost 100 new jobs


Nearly a hundred jobs are being created at a call centre in Londonderry.

Firstsource is recruiting 96 people to handle calls for Sky.

The company already employs 1,200 people in Derry and 800 in Belfast and recently took over two centres in the Republic of Ireland.

The General Manager of Operations with the company Mickey Rooney says the Derry base is seen by the company as a centre of excellence.

"There is a very good work ethic among the population in Derry and the customer base of the clients we have is continuing to grow so they have more customers that need serviced.

"They look to Derry as a place where they can come to get that high level of service.

"No company is going to give you extra business unless you provide the service so we have a very good performance management, we look at the quality of the customer satisfaction scores that we produce.

"We also offer flexibility of shifts to many different staff so the jobs we can offer suits various people's lifestyles so if you get the work life balance you can create the energy to create the level of service the client is demanding."

Mr Rooney said the new jobs are permanent posts at both full-time and part-time level.