Londonderry man tells police to DNA test his urine

A man who was caught urinating in the street in Limavady, County Londonderry, told police to DNA test it.

Daniel Wilson, 20, from Carnhill in Londonderry then asked police for a lift back to the city.

The court was told that a mobile patrol came upon Mr Wilson urinating in the street and spoke to him and he told them to test the urine for DNA.

Later a patrol was called to the front gate of Limavady police station where Mr Wilson was "causing a disturbance".

He was shouting at the closed gates of the station and when approached by officers he refused to give his details.

He then asked police to take him home to Derry and when told he could get a taxi he said that the police were there to serve the public and he was a member of the public.

When he approached officers aggressively he was arrested.

His solicitor said that he had little recollection of the incident due to his intoxication and was 'deeply ashamed' of his behaviour.

Mr Wilson was fined £200.