Elderly sisters attacked in County Donegal burglary

A 91-year-old woman and her sister have been attacked during a burglary at their home in County Donegal.

Isobel Arthur and Susan, who is 89, were attacked by two men then locked in their house in Feddyglass in Raphoe. The attack happened at about 17:00 BST on Monday.

Susan was taken to Letterkenny General Hospital with a broken hip.

The men ransacked the house but nothing was taken.

Isobel was in her garden when she saw two men walk past her house.

She then found the intruders in her house and her sister lying on the ground.

"She called to me 'please lift me' but I couldn't, I had to run for help. When I tried to get out the door the two men locked me in and pulled out the telephone wire," she said.

"I had a key hidden in the hallway otherwise we would have been locked in."

Isobel said she had to run in her bare feet and stop traffic to get help. She said she was left terrified by the ordeal.

"The emergency button I wear around my neck didn't work because the phone line was pulled out.

"I feel tired and have an awful headache. I didn't sleep last night.

"I'll stay here in my house though, I would not leave it."