Derry driver told to take package to police station is 'traumatised'

Media caption,
The owner of the restaurant, Liam Green, said the man is "still very upset".

The owner of a Derry fast food restaurant has said one of his delivery drivers is "traumatised" after masked men told him to take a package to Strand Road police station.

The van driver was delivering food to a house at High Park in Creggan around 20:00 GMT on Saturday when they approached him.

The driver ran away. His van has been recovered by police.

Police have said "nothing untoward" was found in the van.

The owner of the restaurant, Liam Green, said the man is "still very upset".

"We don't need this. He is quite nervous by the whole experience.

"He said two people came from behind and asked him to take a package to the police station.

"This driver has been with us for a number of years and he is very good at his job. It is very unfortunate that he was subjected to this type of treatment.

"There is concern amongst other drivers. We have to look at our service and assess what has happened here."

Last week, a bus driver was ordered to drive to the same police station with a bomb on board. She drove for a short distance before getting passengers off the bus and calling the police. It was made safe by an Army bomb team.

Dissident republicans were blamed.

Police have said they cannot link the two incidents at this stage.

Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan said: "There has been an increase in dissident activity in recent weeks. That's something we are always assessing."