Derry flooding: Holy Family church damaged due to flooding

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Media captionVolunteers help with the cleanup at the church

The Holy Family church in Derry has been flooded following heavy rain.

Parishioners spent Tuesday night repairing the damage caused by storm water which flowed into the Ballymagroarty church.

The seats had to be removed and industrial dryers were brought in. It is the second time the church has been damaged by flood water.

The parishioners are trying to get the church ready for First Holy Communion on Saturday.


The local priest, Fr Paddy O'Kane, said he may have to build a ramp to protect the church in the future.

"It all happened within a matter of three or four minutes.

"I tried my best to put the sand bags up but it did not stop the water coming in.

"A quarter of the carpet is wet and I don't know if it can be saved," he added.

"The system here at Ballymagroarty needs to be looked at. The water just comes down like a river and comes through the back door.

"I may have to build a ramp near the front of the parochial house so that any water in future will go down the front of the church."

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